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Welcome to Corialis!
European leader in high-quality, technologically-advanced aluminium systems
for in-wall, indoor and outdoor, with a continued focus on sustainability in both products and processes.
Inspired by Aluminium
Corialis is a leading player in the design and manufacturing of high quality, technologically-advanced aluminium systems
Architectural Systems
Corialis designs and manufactures high-quality, technologically-advanced aluminium systems for in-wall, indoor and outdoor
Engineered Solutions
Corialis has a strong reputation for meeting the highest quality standards in the manufacturing of aluminium profiles
Sustainability is at the core of our business model, reflected in our product offering, as well as sourcing and production processes
Gold Medal for #sustainability by EcoVadis
Corialis Group has been rewarded a Gold Medal for #sustainability by EcoVadis
Published by Corialis - 19/9/2022
Corialis acquires Centroalum in Spain
We are pleased to announce Centroalum in Barcelona, Spain, has joined the Corialis group!
Published by Corialis - 14/1/2022
Corialis Group has been rewarded a Silver Medal for sustainability by EcoVadis.
The silver Medal places the Corialis Group among the top 25% of all companies in its broad industry category.
Published by Corialis - 16/9/2021
Positive environmental score VMRG Quality mark aluminum frames due to circularity
Due to all the circular efforts in the metal facade industry, an aluminum window frame under the VMRG Quality Mark is now one of the better choices for the environment.
Published by Corialis - 8/4/2021
Aluminum giant Corialis in French hands
The French investment fund Astorg buys the Lokeren aluminum giant Corialis. It is valued at more than 1.6 billion euros, De Tijd learned. It is the largest Belgian deal of the year. Astorg is the fifth financial owner of the aluminum group in two decades.
Published by Corialis - 8/4/2021


From the start, Corialis exclusively works with aluminium for its superior technical properties as well as its sustainable characteristics.
Long product lifetime (40-50 years)
Low maintenance and repair requirements
Strong resistance to corrosion
Thermal efficiency thanks to modern insulation techniques
Acoustic insulation leading to superior noise attenuation
Enhanced anti-theft protection
Superior designs tailored to all styles (ranging from classic to modern)
Extensive range of colors and finishes to meet all possible customer needs
- Infinite recyclability without loss in physical properties
Supported by EU and local legislation for efficiency-oriented window renovations
Primary material to reduce the weight and hence environmental impact of structures as they become lighter
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