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Corialis (Core Innovative Aluminium Integrated Solutions) is a leading player in the design and manufacturing of high quality, technologically-advanced aluminium systems for in-wall (windows, doors, sliding elements, roof systems, curtain walls), indoor (partition walls, fire-resistant doors) and outdoor (balustrades, conservatories).

As a fully vertically integrated player, we are active in the extrusion, insulation, painting and distribution of high quality aluminium systems to thousands of local fabricators. We serve both the residential and the commercial markets, with a focus on the residential renovation and light commercial markets.

In 1984, Corialis was founded as a family-owned company in Lokeren, Belgium. Thanks to our successful vertical integration strategy Corialis grew from a local family-owned company into a Pan-European leader.


Corialis’ headquarters are located in Lokeren, Belgium. In addition to its production facility and headquarters in Belgium, Corialis has several plants around the world. We refer to our main facilities as ‘Hubs’ which are located in Lokeren (Belgium), Montpellier (France), Bristol (UK), Lublin (Poland) and Porto (Portugal). Moreover we have facilities in Barcelona (Spain), Le Tampon (La Reunion Island), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Belgrade (Serbia).​​​​​​
Overview of main manufacturing facilities across all hubs

4 extrusion presses
4 painting lines

4 extrusion presses
4 painting lines
1 anodising line

2 extrusion presses
2 painting lines

1 extrusion press
3 painting lines

3 extrusion presses
2 painting lines
1 anodising line

2 painting lines


Corialis has a Pan-European footprint operating from a network of 9 hubs and currently serving more then 35 countries.



Corialis is the only aluminium systems provider in Europe with a 'single-roof' vertically integrated operating model in each of its hubs, allowing for more flexibility in operations, while improving quality consistency and minimising environmental impact.


Corialis is vertically integrated along the aluminium systems value chain, extruding aluminium profiles and converting them into systems (incl. design, painting, insulation and distribution)


As a vertically integrated systems house, Corialis not only designs, develops and distributes its building systems…

… but goes even further by integrating extrusion, painting and insulation competences in-house and at the same industrial site
As a fully vertically integrated systems house, Corialis perfectly masters the production technology and offers fast delivery times while ensuring quality consistency.

Corialis has high customer service standards, supported by a focus on operational excellence
Corialis offers a wide range of high-quality tailored fenestration products. As a customer-oriented company that operates close to it local markets, we offer additional services tailored to the needs of fabricators and installers.

Some of the additional support services include:
- Tailor-made aluminium profiles and systems
- Accessories (locks, hinges, handles, fly screens, etc.) painted and tailor-made for our building systems
- Estimation design software, to enable customers to quote costs accurately
- The bundled sale of accessories (locks, hinges, handles) with the building systems
- Leasing of fabrication equipment (punchtools)
- Technical and commercial support and/or training
Social Responsibility
Throughout its production processes, Corialis focuses on its social responsibility:

- All operations are conducted in accordance with sound environmental and social practices and in line with regulations, legislation and our principles.
- Key player in the green building sector supplying aluminium based products with high insulation properties
- The single roof vertically integtated model enables to limit
the environmental impact by lowering transportation needs between the different stages of the production process
Keeping our ecological footprint low
- Aluminium is an environmentally friendly product with the highest recycling potential
Health & Safety
At CORIALIS Group, we believe that success can only be reached through people, which are the most important assets contributing to our Health and Safety culture and business results. Accidents are preventable, and therefore one accident is one too many. We want to be recognized as a company operating with the genuine commitment for a safe and healthy future:

- We all consider Health and Safety as a core value and a priority at every moment
- We all work with the prime objective of going home safe and healthy after our day of work
- We all take care of our own health and safety and the ones of others, and we ensure that our actions will cause no harm to any other person
- We all communicate openly to report and challenge any unsafe act, unsafe conditions, accidents and near-misses we may encounter. We all also report noteworthy actions and promote H&S
- We all work and assist each other toward safe and healthy ways of working


The Corialis Group designs, manufactures and distributes innovative, technologically-advanced aluminium architectural solutions for in-wall (windows, doors, sliding elements, roof systems, curtain walls), indoor (partition walls, fire-resistant doors) and outdoor (balustrades, conservatories) markets.  Our activities fall into two product segments: ‘Architectural Systems’ and ‘Engineered Solutions’.


Our technologically-advanced profiles are designed and extruded internally, then insulated, painted and packaged in-house along with all necessary accessories for our customers by our Architectural Systems business.

Our Architectural Systems business offers an extensive and customizable range of aluminium systems for fabricators and installers. Our extensive product range includes in-wall (windows, doors, sliding elements, roof systems, curtain walls), outdoor (balustrades, conservatories) and indoor (partition walls, fire-resistant doors) systems. Our technologically-advanced product and service offering covers both the residential and the commercial segments.


Our Engineered Solutions activities have evolved over the years towards the delivery of innovative, tailor-made solutions suited to our customers' requirements - whatever they may be.

Our Engineered Systems business produces profiles for both our Architectural Systems business and third parties. Our third party Engineered Systems business is specialised in producing aluminium profiles for industrial customers.
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